When do you need an Emergency Dentist?


In certain cases, your dentist will provide emergency treatment to ensure the immediate protection of your teeth. It can be difficult to differentiate between emergencies and issues that can wait, however. At Dr. Lance Savoie Family Dental, our friendly team are always available for information and advice. We also offer emergency dentistry services and you won’t need to wait for an appointment. If you’re looking for an emergency dentist in Abbeville, Louisiana, we can find a quick solution for you. Here are a few reasons you might need to see an emergency dentist.


Broken or loose tooth


This is one of the most common reasons to make an emergency dentist appointment. If you have a broken or loose tooth, or it has come out altogether then you should see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. This will help with pain management and give your dentist higher chances of repairing or preserving the tooth. There are several solutions your dentist will be able to provide for broken or damaged teeth, and they will be able to recommend the most suitable one for you.


Severe toothache

Severe toothache is another reason to contact an emergency dentist. This could have a number of causes and your dentist will be able to get to the root of the problem quickly. Frequent and persistent toothache can have a number of different causes. These include gum disease, infection, tooth decay, or even an abscessed tooth. You may also experience other symptoms such as a fever or dizziness. It’s advisable to see an emergency dentist in this scenario.


Swollen mouth or jaw


Teeth and gum problems such as infections can also cause a swollen mouth or jaw. It’s best to determine the cause. If your swollen mouth or jaw is very painful it could be due to an infection or gum disease. Contact your dentist for help and advice.


Extremely sore or bleeding gums


If your gums are extremely sore and bleeding, you should make an appointment with your dentist at your earliest convenience. If it’s causing you severe discomfort, you could even visit an emergency dentist. It could be a sign of periodontal disease. 


A metallic taste in the mouth


A metallic taste in the mouth is often an indicator of a loose filling or crown. If these are left loose or open for too long, they could get infected or you could be at risk of cavities. It’s advisable to see an emergency dentist to fix the problem as soon as possible.

At Dr. Lance Savoie Family Dental, we understand that although the unexpected can happen to anyone, it doesn’t make it any less stressful. We offer emergency dental services, and advice to give you peace of mind. If you are in need of an emergency dentist in Abbeville, Louisiana, get in touch with our friendly team. They’re always available for guidance and can arrange an appointment for you at short notice. If you’re at all concerned about a dental emergency, contact us today.