Oral Surgery Solutions in Abbeville, LA

Oral Surgery - Improving Your Quality of Life!

No matter your dental problems or oral issues, Dr. Lance Savoie Family Dental is here to help. Our well-trained staff are here to help you diagnose your problem and then find an affordable and effective solution. While some of those solutions may be simple, others can be a little more involved. Oral surgery in Abbeville, LA is an option for those who need something more than a quick fix.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

One of the most common forms of oral surgery is wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth usually start to grow in between ages 17 to your mid-twenties. While these extra molars aren’t always in need of removal but they can cause discomfort, pain, and can push or become stuck under your other permanent adult teeth in some cases.

Dental Implant Placement

If you’re missing a tooth and are looking for a more permanent tooth replacement option, then dental implants are for you! Making a small incision in the gum tissue, dental professionals are able to place a false root into your jaw or skull bones and then place a crown directly on top of that. This kind of tooth replacement choice keeps you from experiencing bone loss or sores and gum disease that can come from removable dentures.

Jaw Surgery

Surgery can be done on the jaw for many reasons. The most common would be to correct a misaligned bite in order to improve the appearance and function of your bite. This kind of surgery can also correct skeletal deformities and problems that have been a part of your life since birth. These kinds of surgeries can take more time to heal but they can significantly improve the function of your teeth and jaw.

If you believe you could benefit from oral surgery in Abbeville, LA, call our office and schedule a consultation today!