Signs You Need A Dental Extraction

At Dr. Lance Savoie Family Dental, based in Abbeville LA, we sometimes advise that a patient has a dental extraction. There are more reasons than you may think as to why you may need a dental extraction. Dental extraction is when a dentist removes a tooth, including the root, from your mouth in a small operation. This can seem like a scary or stressful experience, but thanks to years of experience and effective numbing treatments, having a dental extraction is more painless than ever. An extraction is only considered as a last resort, when other options are deemed ineffective.

What Are Some Signs You Need A Dental Extraction?

Dental extractions are recommended for a number of different reasons. 

1. Your tooth is rotten or infected.

If you have an infected tooth or gum, there may be no option but to extract the tooth altogether in order to treat the infection. Infections can be extremely painful and if left untreated they can also be dangerous. If your tooth is rotten, it is unfortunately likely to be extracted altogether. An extraction can help drain an infection and heal your gum, so in the long run, it is actually a good decision – although at the time it can feel frightening.

2. Your tooth is broken or cracked.

If you break or crack a tooth, depending on the severity of the damage, it might be extracted. Broken or cracked teeth can occur from accidents, sports or in some cases, excessive wear and tear over a number of years.

3. You are experiencing unexplained severe pain.

If one or more of your teeth causes you excessive pain, either when you chew or talk or all of the time, an extraction can solve this problem in some cases. It is likely that there is damage to the nerves in the tooth or gums, or the tooth is cracked or damaged without you realizing it. An extraction can help heal the damage and relieve the pain permanently.

4. Your teeth are overcrowded.

Overcrowding is very common and can sometimes be solved through orthodontic treatment. However, in order for orthodontists to realign your teeth, sometimes an extraction is needed. This is in order that your other teeth can be spaced out appropriately using Invisalign braces. If there is nowhere for your teeth to be moved to, they can’t straighten out! Extracting the teeth which are blocking the realignment is sometimes the only option.

What Should I Expect From A Dental Extraction in Abbeville?

If you need a dental extraction, your dentist will explain the procedure thoroughly before you begin. You will receive a numbing solution in the form of an injection, which will make the extraction pain-free. Some people find injections stressful – if this is the case for you, make sure to close your eyes and try to distract your mind.

After the numbing agent has kicked in, your dentist will extract your tooth. You will feel some movement in your gum and might hear a cracking sound, but do not panic, this is totally normal. You should not feel pain. Your gum will heal quickly and soon you can get back to your normal routine! Call our office in Abbeville today if you think you may need a dental extraction.