What to know before getting dental implants in Abbeville


Dental implants are a fairly common dental procedure used to replace lost or significantly damaged teeth, with over half a million new implants fitted to American patients every single year. So, if you’ve experienced this type of oral problem, a dental implant might be the perfect solution.


While dental implants are often the best way to restore a winning smile, confident speech, and a natural bite, you need to be 100% confident with your decision. Here’s all you need to know before getting dental implants in Abbeville, Louisiana.


When are dental implants used?


Dental implants are primarily used to replace teeth that have already been lost, but they can also be used to replace severely damaged or decayed teeth that require extraction. They are an ideal alternative to dentures and bridges, especially when only one or two prosthetic teeth are required.


To be considered a suitable candidate for dental implants, though, you must;


  • Be at least 18 years old, and have a fully developed mouth.
  • Have lost a tooth or have a tooth that is damaged beyond repair.
  • Have healthy oral tissues and enough bone to support the dental implant.
  • Don’t smoke cigarettes or willing to give up.
  • Happy to follow a dental procedure that can take a few months.


Due to the fact they are entirely prosthetic, dental implants do not run the risk of future decay. When treated with care, they replicate and restore the natural look and function for 10-20 years.


How are dental implants fitted?


Dental implants provide an artificial root that replaces the natural root that has been lost. Therefore, they can support prosthetic teeth, dentures, and bridges in the same way that a natural root would support natural teeth. To achieve this, a titanium screw is inserted into the jawbone before the false tooth is fitted at a later date.


While the exact treatment can vary from person to person, yours is likely to follow a path like this;


  • An initial consultation and analysis of your mouth to confirm the health of your jawbone structure.
  • If all is well, the site is prepared, and a temporary implant may be inserted while impressions of the mouth are sent off to the lab for the permanent dental implant to be manufactured.
  • At the next appointment, your permanent dental implant is fitted into the jawbone.
  • After the surrounding jawbone and tissues have accepted the implant (usually after a few months), the false tooth or dentures will be fitted.


Patients in Abbeville, Louisiana, can expect the dental implant procedures at Dr. Lance Savoie Family Dental to take a few months. However, some improvements are enjoyed in the meantime. Crucially, this approach also prevents further damage to the jawbone or surrounding teeth.


Are dental implants the best option for you?


If you have lost a tooth but do not require dentures for the entire mouth, it’s likely that dental implants in Abbeville, LA will be the right solution. However, the consultation phase at Dr. Lance Savoie Family Dental will confirm this one way or another. If it is, you can get the process started today, restoring the look and function of your mouth ASAP.


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